We expect the best and have high standards for our vendors and service providers. We are extremely satisfied with Madestro’s customer service and performance. They have exceeded our expectations with their knowledge and professionalism. We have been working with Madestro for over 3 years now and expect to continue working with them for many more years.

Lenin Paredes, Owner, Global Insurance Agency, LLC.

In the last year or so you have been a great help to us all at Ssesco, Inc. On behalf of the company I wish to express my gratitude for being available when we needed you, for showing knowledge and competence. All in all your personality and your knowledge and experience will be a major assets to any company in need of your services.

Domenic Sgambellone, Treasurer and CFO, Ssesco, Inc.

Juan provides the perfect synergy of technical expertise and customer service. He is technically adept at executing the coding details on the backend and troubleshooting in a timely manner, while also acting seamlessly as the client liaison to our team, in which he is able to communicate in layperson’s terms.

Jennifer Pesce, Brand Director, Shobha.